The artist in him

"Chithiramum kai pazhakkam" stands good only for those with an aptitude for drawing and not for all.

Eventhough he is known for being an actor, he still feels greatful and honoured for being an artist. He always feels so happy that in his short span of life, he was able to dedicate 8 years for the incomparable sacred field of Art.

Sivakumar always wanted to be a painter. Though his life took off in a different direction, he never could let go his natural passion for art. " Painting provided the base for cinema. In art, all you need to do is observe things and sketch on a canvas. Films are not any different. You have to watch people, study their behaviour and emote in front of the camera."

Whenever he wanted to draw something , he would just take his cycle and pedal away. With just a few rupees in hand, he pedalled his way to Tirukkazhukundram and places near Chennai.

He came to the city in early 60s and captured the magnificence of the Rockfort, and the Sri Ranganathaswami Temple on his canvass.


After finishing his studies, Sivakumar entered the Fine Arts College in Madras. After six years of learning the nuances, he struck a perfect chord with his works.

He sits for hours at a stretch forgetting the world around to complete a painting. He rates his paintings of a crying baby and a girl with a flower basket as the best ones of his detailed efforts.

He feels that art is the most effective way of expressing his self. He remarks that in painting unlike movies which is an effort of teamwork, he is the sole owner. And he owns 48 paintings. Painting has become an inseparable passion. He took months to complete those paintings,driven by a passion to bring out the finest emotional details.

Sivakumar is also known for his paintings of the Brahadeeswara Temple, Meenakshi Sundareswarar Temple, Thirumalai Naick Mahal. The grandeur of these paintings has earned him rich encomiums from the critics. But what he finds as most impressive is a portrait of Mahatma Gandhi.

He is endowed with a superb memory power and is a voracious reader. Things just get imprinted in his mind whenever he comes across interesting lines. Even though he does not consciously memorise them, he is able to retain them well.At any time he could recite the verses of Bharathiar and poems of Sangam Literature with flair and ease.

He was always inspired by the then artists in the film industry, K.Madhavan and Sundaram.

It is equally surprising to discover that the veteran actor is also a good writer.


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