Tamil film industry has seen various great artists on and off the screen.

Sivakumar Rakkia Gounder, Palanisamy by birth - “Markandeyan” of Tamil cinema is one among them and he has carved out a niche for himself in the industry. Apart from reminding a versatile artist on the screen, the name Sivakumar reminds all of us about his till date evergreen appearance, self-discipline and humility.

Very few people make a mark in the hearts of the masses by not only proving themselves inside the industry but also by being a good human with values in personal life. Sivakumar is impeccably one such dignified personality.

The Past

Hailing from a place called Kasigoundan Puthur - a village 20-km away from Coimbatore, he had the fire in him from childhood to prove himself to others one day. He has started from the scratch and seen the hardest of days as a child.

His father, a school teacher died when Sivakumar was born. He also lost his elder brother who was a support for him after his father's death. He had every chance to be lost in the world. But he strived hard for not to be gone so. His dedication, willpower and hardwork made him well off.

After completing his SSLC, he went to Chennai to study painting at the Government College of Arts and Crafts.

Starting off from a village that did not have electricity to travelling to Mahabalipuram in a cycle all the way from Chennai to sketch paintings to spending a night on the roadside in Tirupati, Sivakumar has gone through it all, only to emerge stronger.

The Present

He is a teetotaller. He gave up even coffee and tea in 1958 and practices yoga and other physical exercises to maintain his health and there goes the secret of his appearance! Not many in this world are able to practice what they preach. But Sivakumar is an exception. He advocates self-restraint and adheres to it himself.

He leads a happy life with his wife, Mrs. Lakshmi, two sons, Mr. Surya and Mr. Karthik (who are also into the film industry) and a daughter, Mrs. Brindha Shivakumar.


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